Pictures of Our time (so far) in Hawaii

Oahu (The Gathering Place)

From Diamond Head The Triumph Spitfire A picture of Honolulu from Diamond Head The "Island Beater" (a Triumph Spitfire) on the beach at the North Shore. In the pineapple fields A full rainbow, put together from many smaller photos. Rainbows are common, especially from November to April.

Oahu Roads...

No LEFT on red?!? OHhhhhh! Oh... So it is like every OTHER red light then... Is THAT how right on red works? The Spitfire and a lagoon. On the eastern side of Oahu, a nice pictuesque lagoon.

Hawaii (The Big Island)

The Big Island is basically a small continent. It has every thing from Rainforests, to the High Desert, Mountains, Beaches, Active Volcanos, Grass Plains, and everything in between... It is twice the size of all the other Hawaiian Islands put together. With a population of only 200,000-250,000 it has a nice "town" feel to it, and the people are very friendly. If you had to live in Hawaii, this is the island for you. Where the lavaflow meets the ocean Newest part of the United States This cliff was formed when the lava flow fell Behind me is where the newest part of the United States into the ocean. is being formed as the molten lava meets the ocean. The sign just didn't want to move... Liquid Hot MAG-MA! This sign was in the way of lava making Magma seeping out from under the current lava flow. its way to the sea. Not as hot as you would think... Thin air at 13,750 feet Sometimes the hot magma shatters into small grains Mauna Kea (the tallest mountain in the world, it is when it touches the ocean. Thes grains wash up on a MILE higher than Everest as measured from the shore and form unique black beaches. bottom of the ocean) is home to the greatest telescopes on Earth. At 13,750 feet they are above most of the weather and atmosphere that could hamper the views of the stars.